Product Brochures

Multicare: Critical Care Bed

The Linet informational brochures describe the central features and benefits of the Multicare bed. Multicare has proven to be particularly effective in the prevention of severe respiratory complications in immobile patients, in improving patient safety, including reducing the risk of falls and in reducing the physical effort of medical personnel.

Virtuoso: Innovative Care for Pressure Ulcers

For a detailed view of the key features and benefits of the Virtuoso, see the informational brochure from Linet. The 3-cell system of the Virtuoso mattress has proven to be especially effective in preventing and healing pressure ulcers, proving comfort, security and peace of mind to patients while significantly lowering the workload required by caregivers.

Clinical References

Thomas Ahrens, Marin Kollef, Jena Stewart and William Shannon. Effect Of Kinetic Therapy on Pulmonary Complications. 2004; 13: 376-382

The study concludes that automatic lateral therapy can decrease lower respiratory tract infections (by 32%), reduce the days of intubation (by 43 %), shorten the hospital length of stay (by 54 %), reduce the incidence of nosocomial pneumonia (by 50 %) and reduce the incidence of atelectasis (by 38 %).

AACN Practice Alert – Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses [1/2008]

The findings of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses’ research highlights the problem of VAP in intensive care. Morbidity and mortality associated with the development of VAP ranges from 20-41%. The resulting increase in costs has been estimated to be $11,000 per case in the USA.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Guidelines for Prevention of Healthcare Associated Pneumonias 2004 Craven, Chest 2000; 117:186S-187S.

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia is one of the most serious and life threatening risks of intensive care. The risk of VAP increases with the duration of intubation and the length of the patient´s stay in bed. The CDC has calculated that the total cost of treatment of complications connected with VAP can reach $11 billion a year within the USA alone.

National Patient Safety Agency 2010. Slips trips and falls data update NPSA. London Available from:

The Reporting and Learning System received about 44,000 reports of patients who appeared to have fallen from bed in acute and community hospitals, mental health and learning disability centers. Of these reports, 61 per cent did not state whether bedrails were used; eight per cent occurred while bedrails were being used; and 31 per cent occurred while they were not. Falls from beds without bedrails were significantly more likely to involve injuries.

Landis Eugene M. Micro-Injection Studies of Capillary Blood Pressure in Human Skin. Heart V15, 1929-1931.

Landis performed repeated measurements of capillary pressure within the nail beds of a group of volunteers. He discovered that on average blood pressure in the arteriolar limb is 32 mms Hg, at the end of the loop 20 mms, and in the venous limb 12 mms. The fall of blood pressure continues beyond the junction of the arterioles and capillaries through to the capillary loop.

Le K. M. et al. An In-Depth Look at Pressure Sores Using Monolithic Silicon Pressure Sensors. J Plast. Reconst. Surg. 74:745-754, 1984.

Le studied the effect of pressure on deeper tissues. He concluded that interface pressures measured on a person’s skin from the surface supporting them may be seriously lower than the pressures experienced by deep tissues.

Kosiak, M. Etiology of Pressure Ulcers. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 1961; 5: 19-29.

Kosiak studied the relationship between pressure and time and demonstrated that even very low but constant pressure will over a long period of time causes tissue damage. He concluded that “since it is impossible to completely eliminate all pressure for a long period of time, it becomes imperative that the pressure be completely eliminated at frequent intervals in order to allow circulation to the ischaemic tissues”.

Exton-Smith, An, Sherwin RW. The Prevention of Pressure Ulcers: significance of spontaneous bodily movements. Lancet.1961; 2: 1124-1126.

Exton-Smith and Sherwin studied the number of movements made by healthy subjects while asleep so as to discover what the body’s natural behaviour is. They discovered that no patient moving more than 56 times through the night developed tissue damage. Such a rate is equivalent to about one movement every 7.5 minutes.