The respiratory tract of patients who are immobilized for long periods of time often falls victim to serious health complications, whose treatment can be very costly (e.g. a reduction of residual lung capacity, atelectasis or VAP). Morbidity and mortality associated with the development of VAP ranges from 20–41%. The resulting increase in costs was estimated at $11,000 per case in the USA.

Multicare solutions

Automatical lateral therapy – to reduce serious respiratory complications

Lack of movement puts patients in critical care units in danger of a number of medical complications. Reduction of the residual pulmonary capacity, atelectasis and pneumonia are serious medical complications that affect the respiratory tract of long term immobile patients. Automatic lateral therapy (ALT) is a function that maintains the bed and the patient in it in a permanent cycle of programmed lateral tilts. This partly replaces the natural movement of the human body and acts preventatively against serious respiratory complications.

30° Platform-based lateral tilt

The lateral tilt of the Multicare bed represents the optimum method of prevention of respiratory illnesses acquired during treatment in CCU. Setting the double-sided tilt up to 30 degrees is performed with no physical strain on the staff. Multicare is the only ICU bed in the world capable of automatically repositioning the entire platform of the bed. The patient is held secure with side cushions while the entire platform simultaneously moves both the patient and all IV lines, ventilation circuits and the endotracheal tube, a feature lacking in other systems.

The 30°MultiBoard Design – healthier lungs at a glance

Every detail of the bed is designed to promote healthier lungs. Located on the headboard to be easily accessible to staff, the MultiBoard main control panel’s design allows you to see at a glance that the backrest is positioned correctly. When in a horizontal position, you know that the backrest is set to 30°, the optimal setting for the prevention of respiratory complications.

Other unique features of the Multicare that reduce pulmonary complications are:

  • the Orthopneic Chair Position