The caring of patients in critical condition can be extremely challenging, both physically and mentally. Nursing staff frequently complain of back pain, leading to operational down time and impaired performance. Operating the Multicare bed is quick and easy. Its important features reflect the input of several medical teams seeking to create a healthier and more practical working environment. Less effort by medical personnel translates to better overall performance, thereby promoting the smooth operation of the health facility as a whole.

Multicare solutions

15° Lateral Tilt - Less effort in handling patients

Using a lateral bed tilt of up to 15 degrees can greatly facilitate the handling of immobile patients. Making beds, hygiene and other nursing tasks can thus be performed without physical exertion. For greater security, the bed can be laterally tilted only when the side rails are raised, except when using the Stretcher function, which uses a combination of lateral tilt with lowered side rails and roll board, allowing safe transfer of the patient to the stretcher.

The MultiBoard Control Panel - For easy and intuitive bed operation

Adjusting a patient's bed settings shouldn’t be a complicated task for medical staff. That’s why using the MultiBoard, the main control panel of the Multicare bed, is extremely intuitive. Most of the tasks are expressed as icons so that operating the bed is easy to understand and completely language independent.

An integrated scale to help monitor the patient's condition

Knowing a patient's weight lets you make important decisions more easily. It allows for more accurate medicating, a better picture of the patient's nutritional status and his water balance. The Multicare bed is equipped with an integrated weighing system that can not only record the exact weight of the patient, but also its variation over time and in almost all bed positions. Readings are automatically stored in memory, allowing them to be clearly displayed as daily, weekly or monthly charts.

Other unique features of the Multicare for patient care include:

  • the I-Drive fifth wheel
  • the convenient layout of controls
  • foot pedals
  • adjustable bed length
  • Auto Contour
  • one-touch controls for the safe and immediate positioning of the bed to the Trendelenburg and other standard positions.