According to statistics, every year one million patients suffer a fall while in intensive care, and this just in the U.S. alone. Of these, 30% result in mild to serious injuries. The total cost of treatment of these injuries amounts to 6 billion dollars. The Multicare bed comes with several features to ensure greater patient safety, which meet the latest recommendations and standards. The automatic features of the Multicare bed effectively prevent the most common of accidents, and thus eliminate the health care costs associated with their consequences.

Safety of patients – statistics from USA:

  • Milions of patiens fall while in intensive care every year
  • 30% of them cause themselves moderate to severe injuries
  • Total cost of treatment: $6 billion

Statistics from the UK:

  • 73% of cases come from the acute sector
  • 32% of accidents are caused by the patients themselves

Multicare solutions

Multiprotect Side Rails - Great design for maximum safety

The Multicare side rails are designed to meet tomorrow’s safety criteria: they are high and sturdy, made from a single piece of smooth plastic (which eliminates the accumulation of dirt in joints) and the most advanced practical knowledge has been channeled into their design. They can be collapsed only when exposed to external, not patient pressure. Their “Minimum Gap Concept” guarantees a constant minimum gap between parts of the sideboards and meets the latest IEC 60601-2-52 standard.

The MobiLift – safe and dependable support to get patients on their feet

It’s been proven that an early mobilization of the patient can have a great effect on shortening the hospital stay overall. The patented MobiLift system provides the patient excellent support while getting up, thereby reducing the risk of falls. The controls are so easy that the patient can handle them himself, having a positive effect on his psyche. The MobiLift is appreciated by staff as well, as it allows the patient to stand up safely without over-exerting himself, providing him greater autonomy while requiring less need of support.

The I-Brake – proactive protection from falls

It’s easy for both patients and staff to forget that a bed is in fact on wheels, and can shift under pressure. To avoid such injuries, the I-Brake automatic wheel-lock activates itself within 10 seconds of the bed remaining unbraked and being plugged in. A secured bed means no more surprise falls and associated accidents.

The Virtuoso Mattress – An active system for the prevention and therapy of pressure ulcers

Patients immobilized for lengthy periods of time are at risk of pressure ulcers. The Virtuoso active anti-decubitus system significantly reduces the need to reposition patients. The Virtuoso system is a “plug and play” device and thus very easy to use. Thanks to its automatic settings, system of alarms and unique design it ensures patients’ safety, speeds up treatment and improves the quality of life of patients at risk. The Virtuoso mattress is fully compatible with the Multicare bed.

Other unique features of the Multicare that enhance safety include:

  • CPR Position
  • the X-ray cassette holder, C-arm compatible
  • the MobiLift
  • the ErgoFrame
  • GO and STOP buttons
  • the ability to lock features.