In developing the Multicare we brought together 150 doctors and nurses and made them part of our development team. We wanted to know what their “dream bed” would be, what would make both their patients and their own lives a whole lot easier. Our experience and close cooperation with clinical care practitioners has allowed us to offer the world´s most comprehensive solution for critical care :

  • Every detail of the bed is designed to save lives – it helps to prevent the most serious risks of intensive care: VAP, decubis and patient falls.
  • Multicare is designed for patient safety – it is the only bed for intensive care that meets the latest IEC 60601-2-52 standard.
  • Thanks to the Multicare, you can achieve better patient outcomes at a lower cost. So much so the bed pays for itself within a year! Its sophisticated construction, quality workmanship, easy maintenance and servicing translate to minimal operating costs.

Reduced pulmonary complications

Patients in critical care are prone to severe lung complications. Multicare is equipped with several positioning features to prevent these.

Enhanced safety features

Improve patient recovery times by preventing accidental injuries. Multicare puts patient safety first.

Simplified caregiving

Keep hospital staff healthy and productive. Multicare is designed to ease the workload of caregivers.