An active system for the prevention and therapy of pressure ulcers

Patients in critical care are at great risk of developing pressure ulcers due to the immobility of their situation. Should decubitus develop, then the compounding effects, both health and financial, are significant.

Therapy Based on Clinical Evidence

The Virtuoso mimics the body’s natural tendency to shift its weight and position while sleeping and thereby relieve pressure on tissue. Scientific observation has established that a safe frequency of movement - even for high risk patients - is approximately every 7.5 minutes while at rest.

To meet this requirement, the mattress cells are divided into groups of 3 whereby every 2.5 minutes one of the three cells deflates completely, creating a zero pressure zone. In this way, the body’s 7.5 minute movement pattern is perfectly simulated, thus providing sufficient relief of pressure to the entire underside of the patient’s body.

The Virtuoso is a 24-hour care pressure elimination system that provides accelerated healing of all grades of pressure ulcers irrespective of patient mobility.

A Mattress That Matches the Body’s Load Pattern

The Virtuoso features distinct mattress zones that address specific patient health concerns. These consist of a head zone, with variable inflating settings, a torso zone with extra stimulus to counteract the heavy load area, and a heel zone, featuring smaller mattress cells to provide a finer distribution of contact pressure. The mattress also features sideformers, a firm mattress edge that creates a stable surface for patient transfer and an increased feeling of security for the patient.

Plug and Play Operation

The Virtuoso System Control Unit is capable of operating in various modes and is designed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. The mattress starts in therapeutic mode, automatically adjusting to the patient’s weight. The mattress can be switched to static mode if needed, which provides a consistent and firm base while performing nursing care such as the dressing wounds and other tasks. A special evaluation mode allows the caregiver to assess if the patient is ready to be transferred to a standard passive mattress.

Responds to Emergencies

Rapid CPR readiness of the mattress is both quickly and easily achieved using just one hand. The use of this feature is safeguarded by both an audio and visual alarm.